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“We help busy professionals work, play, and relax”

Personal Concierge and Home Management

Why 2 of U?

Why 2 of U? Because you deserve it.

You’ve worked hard to get where you’re at. Now it’s time to give yourself something back. – The ability to work, play, and relax.

Every week, 2 of U turns time into a renewable resource; giving you more of it, by taking care of the everyday tasks in your home that support your lifestyle.

Delicious meals, spic-and-span floors, crisp clean clothes, bookkeeping, and worry-free errands are a weekly treat with 2 of U.

Why 2 of U? Because you need it.

No one gets to the top alone. The most successful professionals are those who create leverage in their personal and professional lives by maximizing their resources so they can do more with less time. 2 of U makes this possible by simplifying your life.

Imagine having more time and energy to apply toward achieving your dreams because your to-do list is done for you.

Think of the joy in being able to attack Mondays with a worry free mind and a bounce in your step because everything at home is done, and you actually got to rest over the weekend.

Your career and the people you work with deserve to experience you at your best – and we keep you there, week after week.

The secret of The Successful is Concierge and Home Management Services. Click “Contact Us” to find out more.

About 2 of U

Step 1-  2 of U will meet with you at your home and perform a complimentary assessment to determine how much extra time and value 2 of U can add to your life.

Step 2-  2 of U arrives at your home weekly and completes the tasks you need to create an environment suited to maximizing your professional success and lifestyle.

It’s that easy.

We manage all of your errand expenses up front by providing hassle free invoices.

Work better.  Play more.  Relax freely.

You know you want it. You definitely you deserve it.

Click “Contact Us” to request your complimentary assessment.

2 of U’s Story.

2 of U is the brainchild of an experienced CEO of the Home who met an overwhelmed businessman with a need to have a ‘life’. 2 of U owner Tracy Johnston created an environment for this businessman to work more effectively, play without guilt, and relax without worry. Within a year, he saw his personal income increase by 40%.  After that, nothing could stop 2 of U from growing.  Fantastic home cooked meals, personalized service, and attention to detail create a client experience that is unparalleled.  2 of U now serves a wide range of Indianapolis professionals and is quickly growing as the best un-kept secret to success.

The experience is worth it.  Click “Contact Us” to request your complimentary assessment.

Customer Testimonials

Lifestyle Change

“Having a home manager has created a lifestyle change for me.  My home runs like a Bed & Breakfast – my food is prepared, my home is clean, my clothes are washed, pressed and ready for wearing, and all of my errands are taken care of before I think of them.  As a business owner, the value of having someone else take care of my personal affairs is priceless, and 2 of U has been a trustworthy, consistent, and proactive addition to my life.  Thank you 2 of U!”

- Jamar Cobb-Dennard, President of Rainmakers Marketing Group

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