Having a home manager has created a lifestyle change for me. My home runs like a Bed & Breakfast – my food is prepared, my home is clean, my clothes are washed, pressed and ready for wearing, and all of my errands are taken care of before I think of them. As a business owner, the value of having someone else take care of my personal affairs is priceless, and 2ofU has been a trustworthy, consistent, and proactive addition to my life. Thank you 2 of U!

Jamar Cobb-Dennard President of Rainmakers

Over the past three months I have expanded my business from 22 to 45 locations working between 80 and 100 hours a week. Tracy has helped me maintain some semblance of a work/life balance, keeping all my cloths clean, doing all our shopping and keeping me eating healthy, and keeping our house clean and running smoothly. She even goes as far as replacing burnt out light bulbs. I’ve got no major worries around the house.Anybody who is focused on growing their business or pursing their passion should let Tracy take care of the rest, it makes everything much more enjoyable.

B. Evan Burns Olympia Media Group